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Dec 2017
La Paradeta: seafood restaurant Copy

  If you are in the mood for some seafood, you can always go to “La Paradeta”. Here you can buy seafood like a regular fish market but the best part is that the restaurant can cook it for you. The way this works is that you will be assigned a table number and the kitchen will call your number when they have one of your dishes ready. Now, there are several “Paradeta´s” (fish market stalls) around town, but the one in Sants was the first one to open. This is quite an inexpensive place to eat seafood for such a high quality. Address: c/ Riego 27 Tel: 934 319 Read more

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Jul 2017
Travel unforgettably

We think a perfect day comes together with a perfect reservation and If there is one thing of your trip that must be unforgetable it’s the place where you are staying. At least for us, the first day of our journey must be perfect and we work hard to make it possible for our guests. That’s why we thought, what kind of amenities can we give to our guest to make their stay one of a kind? As you could imagine for us perfection comes together with bikes, that’s why 3 hours of city bikes for free was our idea, you can use this time however you want… Do you Read more

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