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In 2010 Ferran Adrià announced the closing of the worlds most famous and best rated restaurant, El Bulli, to reopen as a gastronomic creativity center.

What once was the “the most imaginative generator of haute cuisine on the planet”  will be split up in three parts in future:

  • elBullifoundation
  • Bullipedia
  • BullipediaLAB

Today the doors of the BullipediaLAB (housed in an old textile fabric below the Montjuic mountain) have been opened for the journalists to announce some of the secrets of the coming Bullipedia, THE global culinary enciclopedy. On 15th May 2014 the Bullipedia will begin to work: 80 persons, not cooking, but working for innovation and education.

Have a look at the coming Bullipedia!

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