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We think a perfect day comes together with a perfect reservation and If there is one thing of your trip that must be unforgetable it’s the place where you are staying. At least for us, the first day of our journey must be perfect and we work hard to make it possible for our guests. That’s why we thought, what kind of amenities can we give to our guest to make their stay one of a kind? As you could imagine for us perfection comes together with bikes, that’s why 3 hours of city bikes for free was our idea, you can use this time however you want… Do you want to discover the neighborhood? Take a bike! You can´t wait to see the Sagrada Familia until tomorrow? Take a bike! Or maybe you prefer to spend your first holiday swimming in la Barceloneta? Go and ride!


But that’s not all, make your request into the comment box or contact us via email, there may be many things you have in mind that we enjoy making them happen, we like to say that’s the best part of our jobs! Here are some ideas:


  • Twin beds: We all had teenage sisters and brothers and trust us twin beds would have been useful!


  • Baby kit: baby cot, baby seat, toys, etc…


  • Birthday: In this case your imagination can go as wild as you want: cakes, candy, cava! But our favorite birthday celebration happens when your out riding a bike, just tell us what would you like to do!


  • Restaurants: Can be a nightmare for everybody: For example, I want a nice restaurant, near downtown, kid-friendly, with traditional tapas, not very crowded and if they also dance flamenco than that would be much better. Well we don’t know any good flamenco restaurants in Barcelona, but apart from that you can count on us!

If there´s anything else you can think of just let us know and we will arrange it for you.



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