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What are tapas?

Tapas are snacks, canapés or small plates that originate in Spain. But many people don’t realize that tapas come in many different forms and can vary greatly throughout Spain. In the Sants neighborhood we have the “Vermut i a la Gàbia”. This is a great place to discover Spanish tapas: multiple arrangements of olives, onions, spicy chilly peppers on a stick “banderillas”, dried salted tuna “mojama”, stuffed squid , cut meat like for example salami “embutidos”, a ball of fried dough that could be stuffed with a variety of ingredients”croquetas”, artisan anchovies,skewers “pinchos”, dishes…


Address: Plaça d´Osca 7

Hours: Sept-July: 16.30-01:30

August:    12.00-01.00

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