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La Boqueria was established 200 years ago and is still Europe’s biggest food market. Since it is such a huge landmark in Barcelona, it is filled with great foods from chicken kabobs to chocolate covered strawberries and cold pressed juices to fresh seafood. Whether you want to eat a snack or enough food for a meal, La Boqueria is a perfect place filled with an abundance of affordable food. It is constantly crowded with tourists, so here are some tips to help guide you through La Boqueria!

  1. There are many stands that all serve the same items. Before buying the first thing you see, walk around the market and find the best price for the food you buy!
  2. La Boqueria is a huge tourist attraction that is constantly crowded, which makes it an ideal spot for pickpocketers to find distracted tourists. Always be cautious with your belongings!
  3. Make sure to explore all of the stands. The food at the market ranges from meats to fish to bread to fruit to gelato to candy. There is truly something for everyone.
  4. Make sure to try the cold pressed fruit juices, the chocolate covered strawberry kabobs, and the spiral potatoes!


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The Bicycle Team

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