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Now that the weather is getting colder here in Barcelona, you may be looking for something to warm you up. While you could settle for a boring cup of coffee, we would instead recommend you order the traditional Spanish treat of Churros con Chocolate. This sweet treat is perfect for breakfast or a late afternoon snack, AKA merienda. When you order churros con chocolate, you will be served a hot plate of churros alongside a cup full of a warm and rich chocolate sauce. From here, simply dunk your churros in the chocolate and you have yourself Churros Con Chocolate. If for some reason you are not interested in churros but still want to experience the chocolaty treat, a common substitute is the melindro. A melindro is a bland, oval shaped cookie that pairs nicely with the chocolate. Eating Churros Con Chocolate or Melindros Con Chocolate is a very social event here in Spain. Ordering these snacks in a local bakery is a great chance to catch up and socialize with friends. For visitors to Barcelona, it could be a great chance to rest and plan the next adventure in your day.


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