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Pa amb Tomàquet (Bread with tomato) is one of the most popular and favourite Catalan dishes. It can be eaten for breakfast or merienda. It’s usually served at restaurants as a tapa or side dish. You will soon be offered this tapa if you spend any time here in Barcelona and we are rightly proud of it. Like all great food pa amb tomaquet is about simplicity and feeding a family on a pauper’s budget.


How to prepare a good pa amb tomàquet? This recipe is so simple it doesn’t require a recipe card. Toast the bread lightly on both sides. If you like, rub a garlic clove cut in half and rub it, cut-side down, into the bread, squeeze the tomato so that not only the juice and seeds ooze into the bread but also some pulp. Only the skin should be left. You will need half a tomato for each slice of bread.  Some purists will skip the garlic and others will eat pa amb tomàquet with a knife and fork. If you want a more substantial version of pa amb tomàquet, you can top the bread with sliced jamón or anchovy fillets.

Enjoy your Pa amp tomàquet!!! 🙂

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