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Hello everybody!! Today I’m going to talk about Sants- Montjuic, the area where are located our Apartments.

Sants is a very typical Catalan residential area and Montjuïc is the big hill that dominates Barcelona’s skyline. Sants has a 19th century industrial heritage and occasionally Modernista buildings, to this day it is still charming, easy to navigate, very well connected by the metro and filled with stores and great places to eat. Sants is home to the largest train and metro station in all of Barcelona, the Estacio de Sants, which is where the high-speed AVE train. Don’t miss the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC), the Fundació Joan Miró, the Magic Fountain, the great view from Montjuïc over the whole city, the Jardi Botànic (botanic gardens) and the beautiful Parc de l’espanya Industrial with the big artificial lake in the middle. This park is very different but still extremely compelling and beautiful, with stone structures and iron dragons.


The new shopping mall ‘’Las Arenas’’ is situated in an old bullfighting stadium, hence the name Las Arenas (the arena). The stadium had been out of use for many years before it was rebuilt into a mall, as bullfighting’s popularity had been declining for many decades, before it was finally outlawed in Catalunya in 2008.

Happy Wednesday!! <3

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