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Info Covid-19

After these months we all feel like traveling. To make it safe for both our guests and our staff, we have adapted the following prevention measures:

-Our staff will wear a mask at all times. We recommend that our guests also do so, if they cannot assure a minimum safety distance of 1.5m.

-We recommend not sharing the elevator between people from different families / groups of guests.

-One week before arrival, we contact each guest to find out the arrival time and coordinate the face-to-face check-in or self-check-in.

-We have adapted our apartments so that each guest can do a self-check-in and does not necessarily have to go through the reception. If guests still access the reception, we provide disinfectant gel and recommend the use of masks. As the apartments are accessed with codes, the use of physical keys is not necessary. All the information that we provided before Covid-19 during the check-in at the reception, can now be consulted on the iPads that we leave in each apartment.

-We have changed our cleaning protocols and pay special attention to frequent contact items and air filters. We spray all surfaces with a disinfecting product. Our staff has received specific training.

-The apartments are disinfected with an ozone machine after each check-out.

-Washing of bedding is done with hydrogen peroxide at a temperature above 75ºC, drying at 75ºC and ironing at 90ºC.